Deal Makers – Episode 6 – Alexis Guini – Employee, Realtor, Investor, Entrepreneur

Today I have the pleasure to talk to my great friend Alexis Guini for the 5th episode of Deal Makers. He is going to share with us his secret to balance his life as an employee and entrepreneur, and still have time to spend with his family. If you are employed and dream about financial […]

Deal Maker – Episode 5 – Robert Riopel – Author, App Designer, Trainer and Entrepreneur

You don`t want to miss Episode # 5 of Deal Makers with Camilo Palacio, , because today we are joined by international motivator and friend Robert Riopel. He tells us how he went from working at a Dominos Pizza to becoming the owner of 2 stores in 9 months. He then became an international speaker, […]

Deal Maker Episode 4 – Kevin Tacher – Founder and President of Independence Title

Like every Wednesday, Deal Makers is back!!. Today I have the honor to talk to my good friend Kevin Tacher, owner of Independence Title, the company he founded 15 years ago. His passion is to bring value to his clients, bring his knowledge from the title industry to the closing table and help his non-profit […]

DealMakers Episode 3: Interview with Jose Mata | Mortgage broker | All In One Mortgage Lenders

Whaaattt!!! DEALMAKERS is finally here! Join me on Wednesdays at 2PM while I interview real estate and business deal makers! Today I have the pleasure to talk to Jose Mata. He is a Mortgage broker from All In One Mortgage Lenders and we talk about how he has helped many of my friends buying their […]

DealMakers Episode 2: Interview Juan Rojas | JPR International Real Estate Broker

Join us in this great conversation, where Juan shares his back story, how we met in the first place and how he introduced me to the Real Estate business. Juan has learned a lot in his 13 years of experience in Real Estate, and has great advice to share to any entrepreneur in every field […]

DEALMAKERS EPISODE 1: Raul Bolufe: Real Estate Investor | Wholesaler | Landlord | Entrepreneur

This time Camilo has invited Raul Bolufe, who owns a wholesales company in south Florida for 4 years now. He shares the insides of his business, from the very beginning to nowadays and the lessons he has learned in the whole process. His advice: Do what you have to do to live your best life. […]

DealMakers: Interview With Alex Vidal | President of Related ISG International Realty.

Camilo and Alex Vidal sit down for the channel’s first interview! The interview starts off with Mr. Vidal’s backstory. You can hear about his climb to being President of a RelatedISG!

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Don`t believe in HGTV & A&E Shit

I know we enjoy watching those HGTV and A&E Tv shows where they flip a house that`s on really bad conditions in a week, and the final result is a gorgeous home that sells for more than twice the purchase price with a 40% “Net profit”. The problem is that there are some people who […]

The Ultimate Bandit signs secret to 3X your Cash Buyers List in 3 days!

When we first began as wholesalers we tried every possible strategy to get more cash buyers to our list. And finally we found the one step by step process that actually worked and keeps working for us. It isn`t some magic formula where you push a button and in a blink, you have millions in […]

My Tenant Was Killed In My Property

This is one of the worst situations I have gone through as a landlord. But it is what it is. I am committed to all of you to share my experiences as real as they get, so today I am going to share with you what happened 2 years ago in one of my properties. […]