Shouldn’t have paid $60K to IRS!

I was recording an interview for Deal Makers, with the tax strategist Jose Ramirez, from Advanced Tax Advisors. It came up in the conversation a story from one of his clients, who had paid $60,000 to the IRS that he shouldn`t have, because of a simple mistake from his accountant, who had no knowledge nor […]

Mario Santoloci – Morgage broker – 3 musts when buying your home

Mario Santoloci is a former employee of a recognized bank in the USA, where he used to work as a loan officer. 10 years ago, he made the decision of beginning his own venture, and today he’s the owner of Prime Time Mortage. Today, he shares with us 3 great tips for people who want […]

Melissa Sullam: Property Manager-Section 8 Expert-3 tips to rent your properties faster

Today I am very excited to have my good friend Melissa Sullam with me for a new episode of Deal Makers!! She is a property manager and section 8 expert, and has helped us a lot to keep our properties rented all the time. Melissa is going to give us 3 AMAZING TIPS TO RENT […]

Deal Makers #9 – Melitza Waage – entrepreneur and author from The Epic Talk Miami

Join me today for our next Episode of Deal Makers. Today I am honored to interview an amazing lady, Melitsa Waage. She is an entrepreneur and author who defines herself as a transformational thought leader. She arrived Miami 2 years ago and works every day to make this city a better place. Her passion is […]

Deal Makers – Episode #8 – Alex Pardo – Wholesaler – Podcast -The Flip Empire Show

Today I am thrilled to have my good friend Alex Pardo for Episode #8 of Deal Makers. He is a natural born entrepreneur who finds his call to become his own boss while he was working 70-75 hours per week in his first job. It’s been a great road for him until the day he […]

Deal Makers #7 Andres Ospina Entrepreneur

Today I have the big pleasure to interview Andres Ospina, a sales expert that is going to share with us 3 amazing tips to increase sales in your business. – Connecting people – Be more interested and less interesting – Self confidence We talked about his beginning in sales, his new venture Epic Life Masters, […]

Deal Makers – Episode 6 – Alexis Guini – Employee, Realtor, Investor, Entrepreneur

Today I have the pleasure to talk to my great friend Alexis Guini for the 5th episode of Deal Makers. He is going to share with us his secret to balance his life as an employee and entrepreneur, and still have time to spend with his family. If you are employed and dream about financial […]

Deal Maker – Episode 5 – Robert Riopel – Author, App Designer, Trainer and Entrepreneur

You don`t want to miss Episode # 5 of Deal Makers with Camilo Palacio, , because today we are joined by international motivator and friend Robert Riopel. He tells us how he went from working at a Dominos Pizza to becoming the owner of 2 stores in 9 months. He then became an international speaker, […]

Deal Maker Episode 4 – Kevin Tacher – Founder and President of Independence Title

Like every Wednesday, Deal Makers is back!!. Today I have the honor to talk to my good friend Kevin Tacher, owner of Independence Title, the company he founded 15 years ago. His passion is to bring value to his clients, bring his knowledge from the title industry to the closing table and help his non-profit […]

DealMakers Episode 3: Interview with Jose Mata | Mortgage broker | All In One Mortgage Lenders

Whaaattt!!! DEALMAKERS is finally here! Join me on Wednesdays at 2PM while I interview real estate and business deal makers! Today I have the pleasure to talk to Jose Mata. He is a Mortgage broker from All In One Mortgage Lenders and we talk about how he has helped many of my friends buying their […]