Tariq Johnson – Entrepreneur and Business Coach

Our new episode of Deal Makers is very inspiring, and will give you new and simple ways to transform your life so you can become your best self. I met Tariq Johnson about 10 years ago in a mindset seminar. Ever since I’ve watched him grow in business and as a person. Now he has […]

The importance of a Mastermind

Almost every author, trainer and mentor we have read, watched or heard recommended to be part of a Mastermind. And we totally agree. It has allowed us to grow our business and learn from other people’s experiences. In this opportunity we were going to an event hosted by Alex Vidal (check out his interview for […]

Susana Camero Real Estate Investor

Today I am truly happy and honored to have my dear friend Susana Camero as a guest in this new episode of Deal Makers. As you will see, she is a woman to admire, who has overcome difficult situations in her life with effort, tenacity and the best attitude! Becoming a single mom at a […]

SHIT HAPPENS – I am tired of fakers on the Internet

It’s important to know that being an entrepreneur comes to some situations (that we will be referring as SHIT from now on… LOL) that you normally won’t be facing as an employee. The reason I want to Talk about this SHIT that HAPPENS, is because there is a bunch of people out there, selling the […]

Jay Hernandez Drop Shipping Entrepreneur

Jay Hernandez is a young entrepreneur, I had the pleasure to meet not to long ago in one of the Cash Flow games we hosted. He is an ACTION TAKER, with the dream of becoming Financially free. After watching today’s interview, you will understand the concept of Drop Shipping, and why it is a great […]

shit happens, WTF i didn’t get paid!

It was around the year 2008, I had attended for more than a year to seminars and courses to learn about Real Estate, and one of the things they kept saying was: “get your License” Of course, I was young and had no experience. I rushed into a Deal I found before I had my […]

Angelo D’Alessandro – Bank on It – Those Flipping Guys

Today’s Episode is LOADED with great emotions!!! Did you know that our guest, Angelo D’Alessandro, is a real estate investor, wholesaler, flipper, landlord and TV star in the show Flip Wars? He’s been in the business for 16 years and counting! As you see, he is an EXPERT on Real Estate, and today we have the […]


Let me introduce Jorge Fajardo. He is in the business of flipping houses. In one of his most recent flips, thieves broke into the house and stole the AC unit, all appliances and even the electric meter! Check out the full story, and most importantly, how he moved on from that situation and the lessons […]

Jorge Fajardo – Real Estate Investor – How to Succeed after a Market Crash

Welcome to Episode #21 of Deal Makers! And before I introduce today’s guest, make sure to subsribe for new video reminders! As I was saying, today I want to thank Jorge Fajardo from Keystone Property Investments for spending this valuable time with us today and talk about his personal and business journey. I am pretty […]


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