Operate wholesales, title, flips and retail in one roof

Andrew and Dwayne from -My Dad Buy Houses- partnered up to become Real Estate investors since the year 2013. They both had full-time jobs, but they managed to go from flipping 3-4 houses a year to having a 6 figure income in just 5 years. Join us to learn what are the advantages and challenges […]

Save thousands on your taxes – Jose Ramirez – Deal Makers

For Today`s episode of Deal Makers, I have the honor to sit down with Jose Ramirez, who knows all the ins and outs of real estate taxation. He specializes in designing the best tax strategy for investors, and his goal is to minimize your tax liability.

After watching this video, you will know:

-What`s the difference and […]

Renting Properties by the Room – Jovita Salas – Deal Makers

My friend Jovita Salas summarized in a simple sentence the reason why I am doing these interviews every week “you don`t find a Deal, you CREATE the Deal.”

She is an amazing, powerful woman, who was able to make the switch from working 16 hours a day just to pay for her bills, to becoming financially […]

Wholesaler Save 100 times What you pay for inspection On Your Offer – Here’s How

I am thrilled to share with you the new episode of Deal Makers, this time with Oscar Echeverry, who comes with great experience an information for you as a Real Estate investor. He came to this country from Colombia, and just like I did, 18 years ago, with no money, experience or credit. He went […]

Section 8 Inspection Failed

How to get the ARV on a property in 2 minutes

Hey guys!! do you want to know how you can calculate the ARV on a property in only 2 minutes?. If you are an investor I have very important and useful info about how you can calculate your ARV ina very simple way. I have great examples of how to do it , Comment below […]

New episode of Deal Makers

Today I share my challenges, goals, and purpose. This is some of my story. I’m sure you can relate!

???? If you are an investor looking to buy, fix and sell or buy, fix and rent properties in South Florida, we can help. Visit our website at www.CashFlowFL.com and sign up to receive our daily Cash […]

Todo lo que debes saber antes de comprar tu primera propiedad para rentar

Si hubiera sabido estas 5 cosas antes de comprar mi primera propiedad de renta hubiera ahorrado mucho dinero y mucho tiempo. Asi que si quieres aprender de mis errores para no cometerlos tu tambien, mira este video hasta el final. Cada semana estoy compartiendo nuevos videos sobre mis experiencias como inversionista en propiedad raiz. Me […]

3 Simple Steps to make your tenants take better care of the AC Unit

Hey guys! Today I want to share with you the 3 things I do with my tenants to make them take better care of the AC Unit. Ever since I have implemented them, I have lowered significantly repair expenses. I hope you enjoy the video. I don`t make any money from these videos, but I […]

Propietarios de renta, la profesion mas demandada en USA

Porqué ser Landlord o propietario de renta en los Estados unidos puede llegar a ser frustrante?.Porqué es la profesion mas demandada? . En muchos casos tenemos problemas con los inquilinos y la mayoria de las veces no sabemos como manajer ciertas situaciones que no son para nada agradables. Te comparto mis experiencias como Landlord y […]