My hard money loan expired – Shit Happens Episode #9

My Hard Money Loan expired! Has it happened to you? In my case, it was a long time ago, and I had short experience fixing and flipping houses, so I didn`t pull a permit… and one thing lead to the other…

Check out how I dealt with that situation and how did it worked out at […]

My contractor turned out to be an Asshole

Why do I say my contractor is an asshole? You will know the answer by the time you finish watching this video. But let me give you a clue: I partnered up with him to flip a high end house in Miami Beach… And it didn’t turn up the way I planned. Instead, We lost […]

section 8 inspection failed

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I have an eviction. What could go wrong?

Sometimes things dont go the way you want with your tenants. I trusted my tenant and her family but I had to do what I had to do. I acted kindly but things didn’t go my way until late in the pricess. I learned my lesson for sure!

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Rental Property With Pool, check out how it goes!


Have you ever had a rental property with a pool? How was that experience? I agree that in south Florida, having a pool can be very appealing. In fact, we have one in our home and we enjoy it a lot. So when it came up the opportunity to invest in a rental property with […]

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The most important Account you need to be Successful

This is the account that definitely will change you and your business. It will allow you to go from point A to point B, by bringing out all your potential. Watch this video to learn what it is and how can you make it a reality

I got a $423.000 lien on a property

When you are a landlord, even a really stupid and small mistake can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. After you watch today’s video, you will find out what was the mistake I made a couple of years ago, that could have cost me more than $400,000… I hope my experience teaches you something […]

Dan Zitofsky – How to Raise Private Money

The fastest way to become financially free through Real Estate Investing is by leveraging with private money. This is the way Dan Zinofsky has done it, and he wants to share this valuable information with us today. I am truly honored to have him on the Deal Makers show. He is a true expert and […]

My Perspective on Today’s Real Estate Market

After a big financial loss, Ramon Gonzalez overcame it and came out stronger from it. Watch this video to know how he did it plus a lot more business tips and tricks for real estate investors. Watch how he got to a point where his business is so successful, that he can now help great […]