Enligtened Warrior Training Camp 2019 – what we learned as volunteers

A couple of weeks ago, Camilo and I traveled all the way to LA to volunteer to a personal growth BootCamp, one that is very close to our hearts. We did it for the first time back in 2012 and after that, 3 years ago, we volunteered for the first time to be part of […]

I Hate Real Estate, Let Me Tell You Why – Kimberley Day – Deal Makers Episode 41

Welcome Cash Flow Makers! Today we have a very special guest who is going to give us a different perspective of Real Estate business. Kimberly Day was a financial advisor for 13 years, after which she dived into the Real Estate investor world, just to find out that it wasn`t the right business for her. […]

Operate wholesales, title, flips and retail in one roof

Andrew and Dwayne from -My Dad Buy Houses- partnered up to become Real Estate investors since the year 2013. They both had full-time jobs, but they managed to go from flipping 3-4 houses a year to having a 6 figure income in just 5 years. Join us to learn what are the advantages and challenges […]

Save thousands on your taxes – Jose Ramirez – Deal Makers

For Today`s episode of Deal Makers, I have the honor to sit down with Jose Ramirez, who knows all the ins and outs of real estate taxation. He specializes in designing the best tax strategy for investors, and his goal is to minimize your tax liability. After watching this video, you will know: -What`s the […]

Landlord the most sued profession

Did you know “Landlord” is the most sued profession? In today`s video, I will give you the reason for this statistic, and more importantly, the 3 good practices I apply in my business to keep a good relationship with my tenants and without losing control and profit. I am not saying it`s never happened to […]

How I Bought My First Rental at 25

Hello, my friends and Cash Flow Makers. Today I want to share my first experience as a landlord. It was my first rental property, I was 24 years, with little experience and lots of enthusiasm. I am sure you can imagine I made more than one mistake back then. Also, it was a great learning […]

From $1,700 to $2,300 per month

Do you want to know how to minimize your vacancies when you are a landlord? It is always a pain in the ass when a tenant decides to leave one of your properties, because you will have to spend some extra cash in repairs, renovations, painting, etc. Watch today`s video to find out what I […]

Como comprar bienes raices sin usar tu propio dinero

Buenos dias amigos! Hoy estoy muy emocionado de poder mostrales mi primer video de YouTube en español. Esta vez quiero hablarles sobre el metodo que yo uso para comprar propiedades para rentar sin usar dinero de mi bolsillo. Este metodo es muy popular entre los conocedores de propiedad raiz, pero si eres nuevo en el […]

5 Words That Will Save You Thousands – Negociation Skills

How important it is for you to be a good negotiator? What does it mean for you? For me, it is like the difference between success and failure, cash flow or red numbers, a great deal or a terrible one. By the end of this video, you will know the five words that have helped […]

Insurance Claim Rejected – Shit Happens – Episode 17

Today, for our new Shit Happens episode, I will be talking about a situation we are facing in one of our rental properties, where we just found out that the entire plumbing system has to be replaced. In this video, you will learn about plumbing issues you could have in your rental properties, especially if […]