Today I am very excited to have my good friend Melissa Sullam with me for a new episode of Deal Makers!! She is a property manager and section 8 expert, and has helped us a lot to keep our properties rented all the time. Melissa is going to give us 3 AMAZING TIPS TO RENT YOUR PROPERTY FASTER and how you can get more money from it. She will also answer some of the most common questions we have about rental properties: – What`s the difference between renting through Section 8 vs regular tenant? – What are the requirements to rent through Section 8? – Why do we say Section 8 is guaranteed income? – Advices to avoid/control property damages when you rent a property I hope you can find great value in this video, and if you liked it make sure to subscribe!! Tell me in the comments what is your experience on rentals, have you had properties rented with section 8?
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