It’s important to know that being an entrepreneur comes to some situations (that we will be referring as SHIT from now on… LOL) that you normally won’t be facing as an employee. The reason I want to Talk about this SHIT that HAPPENS, is because there is a bunch of people out there, selling the idea that they will get you rich, famous, and free in a blink, with no effort, if you follow them and do what they say. That I KNOW FOR SURE it’s NOT TRUE! You have to pay the price to be Financially free. You must learn how to solve problems, difficult situations, lack of Cash, due dates, difficult employees… And I could keep on going and going.But my point is this: sometimes, you won’t able to solve them, you will make mistakes, you will take bad decisions… And yes, YOU WILL LOSE MONEY. And MOST IMPORTANT!!! and this is the whole point of this show: YOU HAVE TO GET BACK ON YOUR FEET and keep on going. Clean your wounds, remember YOUR WHY, learn from it, and get back to the ring. I hope we can learn and grow a lot with these videos, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I feel passionate about them!Thanks for watching and DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!!! Please share with me in the comments ???? what is the worst SHIT that has happened to you in the Journey of BEING YOUR OWN BOSS?

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