It was around the year 2008, I had attended for more than a year to seminars and courses to learn about Real Estate, and one of the things they kept saying was: “get your License” Of course, I was young and had no experience. I rushed into a Deal I found before I had my license, and I negotiated with the seller that she would pay me 2.000 on the side. I trusted her word and didn’t get anything about those 2.000 on writing. By the time we closed the Deal and got back to her place to pick up my money, she had moved already and wouldn’t answer her phone. Finally I could find the way to talk to her, but she refused to pay me, arguing that I didn’t have my license. I couldn’t do anything about it. After that, as you can imagine, I started the procedure to get my Realtor’s license. Since then I am almost obsessed with having everything in writing, at least on a text message. Has anything like this happended to you? Make sure to subscribe to get more videos every week about things that happened to me and what did I learn from them. We help entrepreneurs attract more clients, increase profits, earn more money and keep it in your pocket.

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