Here at Cash Flow Properties we follow two basic steps For Getting The Deal

If you aren’t ASHAMED of the offer you are making, it’s likely too high!

Here’s a really simple way to get an easy discount when making an offer…

Step 1… Low Ball offer to the seller
Step 2… Push for a Counter Offer

Here’s the thing, a Low Ball offer doesn’t get accepted very often. However, if you do the second step, and Push For A Counter Offer, you can almost always get a big chunk knocked off the asking price when you are dealing with a motivated seller.

When MOST people make a Low Ball Offer, they are so impacted by the response of the seller that they aren’t able to do the second step. If you can muscle through and simply request a Counter Offer from the seller, you can usually bring the price way down.

Again, Most people just drop the deal when the seller refuses to accept a Low Ball offer. Take it the next step, and always insist that the seller give you a counter offer. It also shows the seller that you are genuinely interested in the house – which can go a long way towards making you stand out when there are other interested parties.

Here are some examples of simple dialogue you can use…

Step 1: “It’s low, but I’d like to offer $$$ for your property and close fast”
Step 2: “I simply can’t pay your price, but what’s the least you would take?”

Step 1: “I know it’s not your asking price, but would you consider $$$?”
Step 2: “Can we split the difference and meet in the middle at $$$??

Step 1: “After all the rehab expenses, I can only afford to offer you $$$”
Step 2: “How much less can you take in order to seal the deal right now?”

The bottom line is this – always get a counter from your low ball offer. Never accept “no” as an answer, always get a number. “NO” is too ambiguous, it doesn’t help us buy. Numbers, on the other hand, we can actually do something with. So the idea here is that a low-ball offer is pretty much useless, UNLESS, you can get a counter offer from the Seller afterward. The counter is what you are really interested in. The initial low ball offer is just to soften them up.

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