There’s an old saying that a man’s home is his castle. This saying has become true now that people have developed an inkling to buying homes that are luxurious in state. Either choosing a spacious house and lot or looking for a high-end condominium, new age home buyers are seeking properties that suit their lifestyle preferences.

A luxurious home should be something that’s extraordinary but not outlandish – something that’s endowed with advantages that don’t easily depreciate. We listed down features that make a luxury home desirable and worth the investment.

Here are 10 amenities to look for in a luxury home:


A luxury home boasts of an ideal location. It is in close proximity to several amenities and presents a sense of privacy because homes aren’t built too close together.

Luxurious condominiums on the other hand are often located near malls, business districts and other high-end establishments. The ideal location of these properties, boosts their value and even appreciates as the area further develops.

Safety and Security

Security is an important feature in a luxury home. CCTVs are installed in designated areas and guards are on patrol round the clock to give you peace of mind.

Safety facilities are also available in high-end condos like fire exits and clear evacuation plans placed in conspicuous areas. While safety signs and reminders are placed in prime villages, like road signs, traffic lights and even home protection tips and reminders.


A posh pool is an absolute must in a luxury home. The relaxation and fun activities you and your family can experience is invaluable. Homes with bigger pools usually add grandeur to the place. Some properties even have more than one pool boasting with different depths, sizes and extra features like, automatic temperature control and landscaped artificial falls.

Advanced technological features

A luxury home follows the current trends of being technologically sophisticated. Either for entertainment, communication or home security purposes, these features definitely upscale one’s dwelling. Some condominiums promise accessibility with fast internet service, high-definition cable channels and even uninterrupted cellular signals. Some luxurious houses on the other hand have spacious entertainment areas packed with the large widescreen TVs hooked to the latest surround sound home theater systems.

A place to get fit and unwind

Fitness is so “in” nowadays that home gyms and multi-purpose activity rooms such as a home theater or game room are considered essential in a luxury home. You’ll be able to pursue hobbies, relax, exercise and work out within the confines of your own home.Some condominiums even have in-house jacuzzis, spas and massage parlors exclusively available for tenant and home owners to enjoy. While some houses have spacious lawns and landscaped gardens to keep that zen aura present day and night.

Chef’s kitchen

A luxury home has a fully-stocked kitchen with high quality appliances. The dream kitchen usually includes warming drawers, state-of-the-art fridge, a walk-in pantry, and seating for friends and family during meal preparation.

Nothing beats a homemade meal shared by everyone in the family. These impressive kitchen setups will surely bring out the inner chef in you!


A luxury home has multiple bathrooms with elegant bath tubs, high-end fixtures and custom finishes like gold and crystal accents.  Bathrooms of luxury homes are so modern that they have now evolved into spaces where couples can spend time together comfortably.

Ceiling height

The higher the ceiling, the better. About 12-14 feet is good. Don’t look at square footage, instead consider cubic footage. Loft-type condominiums and houses are ideal for people who are looking for a high ceiling. Not only that this design provides good ventilation but also ample light passing through the large window panels giving that mixed feeling of comfort and lavish appeal.

Finishes, materials and furnishing

This would depend on your price range. Finishes and materials will consist of vinyl flooring, lower end carpet and possibly plastic laminate counters in kitchen and baths for less expensive homes to resilient flooring such as tile and wood, and solid surfacing in kitchens, such as granite or slate for expensive homes.  Deluxe homes often present fancy furnishings and extravagant furniture. May it be an imported sala set from abroad, made-to-order wooden-carved beds, designer-made dining sets or antique fixtures, you’ll surely love how these items add distinctive character and stories in every part of your home.

Better neighborhood

A luxury home is situated in an environment where there is a careful balance of camaraderie and positivity. You should feel just as comfortable with your neighborhood as your home. There are also some condominiums and villages that promote the sense of fellowship and closeness to their tenants and homeowners.

It’s best to focus on what amenities you really need and not the ones you just prefer. After all, the glaring message of a luxury home is the success of a person’s social and financial standing earned through hard work and perseverance.