Commissions can pay your bills but investing BUILDS WEALTH.
As an agent you are in the prime position to invest. Think about it.

You already:
1. Know the valuation of properties inside and out
2. Know how to prospect for and find motivated sellers
3. Know how to negotiate

As an agent, you literally have all of the pieces to the puzzle and that is exactly why I am looking for agents to partner with as I expand my investing business.
So if you are tired of your investors making all of the real money and are ready to get started, now is the perfect time and you are in the perfect market.
I’m looking for a few motivated, ambitious real estate agents to help me expand the investment business in the Miami and South Florida market.

We are looking for self-disciplined and high motivated people that can help us acquire more properties.

Now, I have to warn you: there’s only so many good deals in each market and because of that I can only take on one partner in any each geographic location.
Your market is open right now, but it might not be for long.
So, if you’re the least bit interested, contact me ASAP. My phone number is everywhere on my website

I look forward to expanding my business and working with hungry individuals.