In business it is extremely important to learn how to negotiate. There’s a specific way on how to get the best deals, discounts, extra features, and the famous cherry-on-top on every single negotiation you do. There are just five words that can get this done for you. Those five magic words are “CAN YOU DO ANY BETTER?”

That’s the only phrase you have to say when you want to negotiate anything for you or for your business. Not only can these five words work miracles in your business but they help you so much in your personal life, with your family, or practically any situation you find yourself in. The key for this is to use this phrase three times. This is our specific tactic that we like to use in every single negotiation that we do. Right after you ask, “CAN YOU DO ANY BETTER?” you simply sit there and be silent. Say nothing and let the other person talk.

With these five words being an open question, and with you keeping quiet, it puts the other party on the spot to answer you. They are going to contemplate if they really want to do any better and how they are going to help you achieve the price, discount, or the extra feature that you want. The key for success is to say it three times. For example, you say to them, “I want to buy this property. I see the purchase price is $100,000. Can you do any better?” and stay quiet. Because you are silent they feel uncomfortable and under pressure to answer you quickly, so many times they lower the price and give you a number to make you happy.

As soon as they lower the price to give you a better deal, stay quiet and  pause for a moment, then say something like, “Ok, that’s great! I really appreciate it but it is still a little higher than what I can do at the moment, can you do any better?” Asking it again and staying quiet lets the silence do the work; they will feel uncomfortable and will reply anything just to make this feeling go away.

The moment that they reply back and they give you an even better discount it’s time to take some pressure off the situation. Go ahead and ask them something unrelated or tell them a story that is positive but not related to the current deal. Maybe say something about your day, or ask them “How is your day going?” Then you come back to the deal and explain a little why you need the price lower. For example, let them know that you have bought several properties nearby at a lower price and you are very familiar with this area and would need thepurchase price to be lower to make it work for you. And then without hesitation, ask one more time “CAN YOU DO ANY BETTER?”

So you are going to ask for a third and final time. Again they are going to think about it. They have already done this twice and they want to help you out, so they feel that negotiations are getting close to having the contract signed. At this point they will give you their final price.

These are the five words that have saved us thousands of dollars in real estate, in our business, and in regular life. Even when we need repairs done to our cars, or want an extra topping, extra dessert, or discount for something at a restaurant, all we say is “CAN YOU DO ANY BETTER?”

Remember these five simple words that will save you thousands of dollars just by saying them three times and letting the silence do the magic for you