Real estate investing is happening all over the planet. From the smallest house to the largest office building, real estate involves the work of many people and the investment and transfer of a lot of money. The world is changing and communities that only a few short years ago were nothing but sparse villages are now booming into large communities that house the growing population.

Within our communities we see the influx of construction and the use of labor and materials that may come from far away but are purchased and used right here at home. The companies and businesses that support the real estate business and benefit from it are not always the huge conglomerates that most people think of. Most of these companies and businesses are small and run by people who have a sense of community spirit.

Small business suppliers provide the materials that are required to repair and maintain properties. Everything you can think of, from insulation and paint, to wood, plastics, and other materials, are required on a daily basis, not only for investors improving their holdings, but also for home and other business owners for their own homes and businesses. The people who perform these repairs and maintenance tasks, the contractors composed of carpenters, plumbers, roofers, landscapers and so on are many times owners and employees of small businesses.

Why use small businesses for real estate dealings and construction instead of large companies? The two main reasons are that small businesses are usually less expensive and because they are small, they are more apt to do the work at the same or better quality than the larger firms because they have to prove themselves more. And small businesses tend to be more personable and accommodating to fluctuations in time constraints or changes in the job. They are more apt to work with an investor to do the best job at the best price.

And real estate investors and others who choose to use small business suppliers and contractors are giving back to the community that they do their deals in. Supporting small business owners and employees helps to support their business which in turn helps to support their families. With income coming through these small businesses can buy more material, do more jobs, and spend more money into the local economy, and into other local small businesses, which now also benefit from the real estate industry.

Aside from the direct support provided to small businesses, real estate investors also benefit the community in a number of other ways. By building up communities and creating value in properties and land, more people will be drawn to buy and live in the community which creates a greater customer base for those small businesses. And a greater customer base translates into more money at the cash register.

With the increase in quality properties and the influx of more residents, many small businesses have more opportunities to reach out to find new customers and new opportunities for business. This allows small businesses to grow and hire more staff. More employees help businesses secure bigger jobs and projects which in turn bring in more money that will eventually make its way out into the local economy.

Although on the surface it may seem like real estate only benefits the investor, seller, and buyer, it really benefits the small businesses with both a direct and indirect flow of income. We all help to increase the income of local businesses through all of our real estate dealings.

It benefits all of us if we do and continue to use small businesses as much as possible. Knowing that we are helping businesses and their families in the community gives us a sense of enrichment and pride with every deal we make. Too many mom and pop businesses are being pushed out or swallowed up by bigger corporations. Using small businesses helps to keep American entrepreneurship alive.