Pure wholesales are real estate deals that involve the purchase and sale of properties without the process of doing repairs or renovations to the property. The wholesaler, which is you, simply finds the property at the lowest price possible and markets the property to a buyer at the highest price possible. You make money on the difference between the price paid for the property and amount received for the property.

You as a wholesaler are the go-between who will access your list of sellers, seek out the best real estate properties being offered for sale, and then negotiate the purchase of that property at the lowest price possible. You then approach clients from your list of buyers and present the property for purchase at a higher price. If the buyer purchases the property then you make your money on the difference.

A wholesale deal is a threefold benefit for the parties involved: the seller is able to quickly liquidate properties that are no longer of interest at a price that covers their costs and is attractive to you, who is constantly looking at properties offered by the seller; the buyer is able to find properties to purchase at prices that enable them to repair or upgrade the property and sell at or close to market value. You act as the go-between, alleviating the time and money that would be spent on sellers and buyers trying to find each other and negotiate deals. Just like us in Cash Flow Properties, We do this for them and create a system that allows buyers and sellers to get rid of and acquire properties quickly at minimal cost.

Since you are the expert at knowing what types of properties sellers are trying to get rid of and what types of properties buyers are looking for, you become an invaluable resource that both buyers and sellers will seek out whenever the need to dump or acquire properties comes about.

The better you are at finding properties for sale and the buyers who are looking for those types of properties, the more deals that can be done and the more money that can be made. Wholesales are quick sales that work out in the best interest of all parties and enable a lucrative cash flow into your own pocket.