Now that you have your property rented out you need to make sure that your tenant is happy and content in their new home. You’ve spent a good deal of time, energy, and money to attract your tenant. To keep them long-term, you have to make sure you do what you can to keep them renting year after year.
Contact your tenant the month after they move in. Ask them if everything is ok, if there is anything that they need done or if you can help them in any way, and make sure they know you’re always available if they need you. Stay on top of repairs. Nothing will make a tenant unhappier than when repairs aren’t taken care of in a timely manner. You can even consider rewarding them with painting a room in a color of their choice, cleaning the carpet, or installing new appliances if they keep the property maintained, renew their lease, or refer a new tenant to your company.
It’s well worth to consider giving your good tenants a small gift every now and then as a way to show your appreciation. Even just a birthday card, or a $25.00 grocery store gift card around the holidays, will go a long way to making them happy. For tenants who have been with you for a while or who you know are going to be long-term renters, offer to provide a free professional house cleaning every two to three years.
Unless they have a problem that they need you to attend to, your tenants don’t want you around. Respect their privacy. You may need to access the property every now and then but be sure to give them plenty of notice and work on their schedule.
If you feel that you may need to increase the rent, do some financials and see if leaving the rent the way it is would save you money in tenant turnover expenses if the tenant finds the rent too high and decides to move.
If you have good tenants then you should do what you can to always keep them happy so that they want to keep living in your property. The minor expense you may incur for happy tenants is a small price to pay if they stay with you for a very long time. If you don’t have to worry about tenant turnover then you don’t have to worry about losing out on your monthly income or spending lots of money to try to get new tenants. Treat them well, make them happy, and keep the money coming in.