Becoming a Cashflowpreneur is an all-encompassing journey that will take you from the place you are now to the place you want to be. By applying the lessons and skills you have learned in this book, you have the ability to leave the routine life of daily, grinding, uninteresting, and unfulfilling work behind, and find your path to financial freedom through real estate.

Now is the time to re-read the book. You’ve kept some the information in your head but you should read the book again just to make sure more of the information sticks. Read over sections again that you may have a bit of trouble understanding. Getting into real estate is not difficult at all; it just involves hard work, an understanding of the principals and skills discussed here, and putting these skills to work for you.

Your dreams of becoming financially free, living the lifestyle you want, and creating a stress-free and wonderful future for yourself and your family are only five years away. Execute your real estate business with the lessons learned in this book and you will be a very successful CASHFLOWPRENEUR!