Included here are few basic words you will frequently use when on the path to purchase a property. Knowing them will ultimately assist you in your negotiations.

Payment for a property is easier with the help of a loan. To secure one, a mortgage is needed. The aim is to assure the creditor that you’re going to adhere to the agreement and make your payments, which include the principal and the interest. You don’t just give your word; you offer the home as collateral. Once the loan is approved, the creditor puts a lien on your property, which basically says you don’t fully own it. You must complete the payments so you can finally claim ownership. If you don’t, the creditor has the right to seize the property and resell it, a process called foreclosure.
A buyer has the option to avail of a fixed-rate or an adjustable-rate mortgage. If the buyer wants a steady monthly payment or one that doesn’t change in value, then he’s looking for a fixed-rate mortgage. If he’s happy to take advantage of lower rates and is not highly risk averse, he will choose an adjustable-rate mortgage.