Keep saving money
You may have bought your dream house and feel contented with it but that does not mean you can finally stop saving money. Continue saving money for unexpected or emergency situations or worst you will end up selling your hard-earned property. If you are an investor, you need to save money to acquire more properties. If you are fixing and selling one house, the goal is you can have two, three or even four investment properties at the same time to become an experienced investor. If you are buying rental properties, make sure you save the rental income to pay taxes every year, insurance and also help acquiring cash flow properties for your investment portfolio.
Young or not, buying your first property might feel a big leap for you, especially if you are currently single, which means you will be solely shouldering all the expenses and decision-making involved. However, this reality should not stop you from making long-term investments because there will surely come a time in your life that you will be making big decisions for yourself. Therefore, why wait when you can start early?