I was there too and it was so much fun. We were basically doing the rehab ourselves because we just didn’t have the money to hire someone to do it for us. Even though this was not my first rehab deal, it was Michelle’s and she was involved in every piece of it so that she could learn as much as possible. It was a Saturday afternoon and while Michelle was busy pressure cleaning the driveway, we were busy planting, putting in all the soil and grass, and doing all the landscaping. We went to Home Depot and bought the tools and material that we needed, then headed over to a landscaping place and bought all the plants.
This was the first rehab project that we were doing as a couple, and our very good friend Jaime was working with us, and my dad was also involved in the deal. So there we were all very excited getting dirty. Jaime and I were putting in the plants and my dad was putting in all the sod and the landscaping. There was dirt all over the place and we made a quite a mess. We actually have pictures of that day on our website;you can take a look at them at www.cashflowpropertiesacademy.com and you can see for yourself the mess we were in and maybe have a good laugh!
This was a low-income property like the ones we always do and we were both so excited and extremely tired at the same time. Michelle was saying she was cold because she was dealing with cold water from the pressure sprayer, and we were soaking wet with sweat because of the amount of work that we had been doing that day. With two pickup trucks full of sod, and two pickup trucks full of soil, we were covered in dirt, including under our nails. It was really bad but at the same time it was really amazing.
So when we think back to it, it really was a great ride and what a big lesson we learned from it. That’s exactly how we did it. This shows that we don’t always have to work on the business but sometimes we also have to work in the business and that is exactly what we did just so that we could get ahead and get it done.
At around 4:00 pm we were just about done except for the pressure cleaning. Michelle ended up showering us in the middle of the driveway with the pressure machine as we were dirty and sweaty and could not use our recentlyrenovated shower. It was an amazing journey and a day I will never forget. There were many other times after that in which we had to do the work and we love that because we know that we will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
We bought this property in Miramar, Florida for $65,000 and we put in about $15,000 in repairs and updates. We ended up selling it for $120,000, splitting $15,000 among five of us. This wasn’t a direct equal split but was proportional to the amount of work and the amount of money we all had put into the property.