Financial Freedom

Let’s do a little experiment for a moment. Close your eyes and dream about what kind of life you would love to live if you were able to reach your all of your goals, reach the wealth you desire, reach total time freedom, and reach absolute financial and life freedom.

What would that look like to you?

Imagining the life you want and the realization of all your dreams are only previews a preview to what is possible when you visualize what you want. This is the life you want for yourself and your family and is designed directly by you. Think about where you would like to wake up. Would it be snuggled comfy and cozy in your own bed? Perhaps pampered in a luxurious hotel suite overlooking a spectacular view? Maybe floating gently on a yacht in a Mediterranean port? And what time of day would you like to wake up? Early in the morning to watch the sunrise as you have your breakfast? Late in the afternoon to catch a few television shows to manage your business and then have some fun? Or would it be in the middle of the night for a quiet time reading, or going grocery shopping at the local twenty-four hour supermarket? And what would you do when you wake up? Do a bit of exercise first or just sit, read the newspaper, and have your coffee or tea? Maybe you will be traveling for leisure or to help different non-profits around the world. It is all up to you.
Imagine what type of property you own that works for you and the way you live; maybe a small bungalow in the suburbs, a beautiful log cabin in the country, or perhaps a large house or mansion in the city. Imagine how your home looks and smells. Flowers, shrubs, gardens, deck, pool, maybe a pond. The odors of bread, pastries, roast beef, or pasta sauce wafting in from the kitchen.
Are you happy and relaxed? Are you content? Are you free of stress and pressure and all the things that can sap you of your strength and vitality and energy? Imagine all of this because this is going to become your part of your WHY, which is your goal and reason for living. This is also As said before, this is your motivator. Think about whom you can serve. Think about what activities can fill up your day. Imagine what kind of car you drive. What kind of fun things would you love to do and who would you like to do them with? Imagine that you are healthy, happy, content in the company of family and friends.
All of this is entirely possible. You just have to imagine your perfect life and work for it day after day for about five years (if you follow our system) and you will get there. Once you have your dreams set define what freedom means to you and your path clear enough and you know what motivates you, then you will get there. Imagine and dream your new free lifestyle in a way that you can taste it, see it, and live it in your dreams, and how you will do whatever it takes to get there.
Financial freedom for us means doing whatever we choose to do in our day because we want to do it. If we wish to work, we do it because we choose to work, not because we have to. Not because we’re chasing around a paycheck or trying to get a certain amount of money every month to pay bills, to have electricity, or put food on our table. That is what financial freedom is all about for us and that’s what we teach our students to achieve in our programs.
Yes, we had to work hard for a long time and we still work hard because we actually love to work hard and we see the results of this hard work. Once you are getting those results yourself, there is no way you will ever slow down, and not because you are greedy, but because you see that the potential is out there to achieve your financial goals.
We will never forget the vacation we took back in 2011. We went back to Colombia where we are from, to spend New Year’s with our family. They are so happy colorful and charismatic and are very amazing people. We spent New Year’s at a wonderful farm and the weather was very warm. We enjoyed the whole day by the pool and watched the fireworks at night.
And it really turned out to he be the best and unforgettable New Year’s ever for us because we got an email from our tenant saying that they had deposited their rental payment into our bank account. So having the best time ever on our vacation, and having a check directly deposited to our account, made our vacation even more wonderful. This was our first rental property and we realized then and there that we really were well on our way to financial freedom, and we knew that we wanted this to be for us forever.
So we want to encourage you to go for what you want and know that it is possible and we know that you can do it. It’s not that hard. It’s easy but it’s not simple. You just have to stick to one strategy that will take you there, and believe us that it is well worth it. All you have to do is create a system that works for you twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week so you don’t have to be there.
Our system is real estate properties that generate passive income through rental income every month and all of our bills are taken care of. So if we want to go out for a skiing trip next week we can do it. If we want to go to Colombia and spend News Year’s there with our families, we can do it. If we have to fly in an emergency, we can do it, because all of our bills and all of our money are taken care of.
We know that is what you want for your life as well, and that it is absolutely possible for you to achieve it. It’s why we are so passionate about sharing this information, about teaching others how to become top-of-mind wholesalers investors and deal-finders in their markets—all so they can create their own wealth and start their way to financial freedom.

So at what point in this process can you truly get to call yourself financially free? That happens once you earn enough monthly passive income that it pays for your lifestyle at the moment, monthly bills. This means you do not have to work to pay for your bills every month. The system you will create will do this for you, every month it will generate the necessary amount of money needed to cover your expenses in a passive way. Passive means you only set up the system once, and maintain it with very short amounts of time leaving you free to do with your time as you wish. If and when you decide that you want to upgrade your lifestyle, maybe you want to get a more expensive car or a bigger house, all that means is that you are going to have to acquire a new asset or set a new system, so that asset can provide more passive income every month so you can pay for those bigger wants.
Financial freedom, in a general definition, is generating enough passive income so that you can pay for your desired lifestyle. You know you are not going to be very happy in a scarcity of a lifestyle where you are barely getting by each day. But you are going to be happy in prosperity. That is what we want for you, and the easiest way to do it, and the way we did it, which is one of the best ways to do it, is through real estate. We were able to acquire enough properties that they pay for our desired lifestyle.

So think about those things you want in your life and think about what financial freedom means to you and what your personal definition of it is. For us, it was to be able to be with our family on New Year’s Eve, and get that check payment in our account knowing that everything was ok even if we were not there managing our properties. You can achieve the same thing for yourself.