When to respond.

Your email campaigns are not simply going to be one email message blasted out to everyone on your list. Targeted email campaigns are designed to send the right email message to the right person. A general newsletter or news announcement may be appropriate for most people on your list. But don’t send buyer campaigns to sellers and vice versa. You want need to have a custom email campaign for each type of lead, client, and prospect you are working with.

Remember that the goal of your email campaign is to get your list interested in what you have to offer them and get them to sell or buy the properties you have available. As a real estate investor the sole purpose of your weekly email campaigns is to share your properties with investors, wholesalers, buyers, sellers, realtors and brokers. These people will leverage your selling or buying efforts by sharing these properties with the correct party who might be interested in them.


In our Cash Flow Properties wholesale business we send two emails per week with the investment properties that are available to our cash buyers and other local wholesalers. These lists go out on Mondays and Wednesday morning at 9:00 am EST. To check out an example of our list of properties visit our wholesales website www.cashflowfl.com if you click on the tab available properties you will find our weekly newsletter to our cash buyers. On our program Cash Maker we teach our students in depth how to design these emails and how to set them up.


On each email we include pictures, a brief description of the condition of the property and its characteristics such as how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms and square footage. We make sure to keep it short and to the point. We also include our asking price and our contact information so that they can call us if they have interest in seeing it. We are particularly strict with having killer pictures and a tight description. Our students spend a whole week learning what the pictures should look like and  which ones need to be included on the email and what information is best to have on it too. Our goal with the email campaigns is to give enough information to the buyer that they become interested in the property but at the same time leave some mystery where they are attracted to see the property as soon as possible. That is enormously important because if your pictures are not any good or if the description is not done perfectly the buyer will keep scrolling to the next one and not be motivated to purchase, meaning you will not have a deal in the pipeline to take to the closing table. Always make sure your email campaign or blast, as we like to call them, are on point and extremely professional.

For our rehabs and rental business we make sure to also include amazing pictures that showcase the newly remodeled features of the property. We do include lots of details and characteristics of the property to make it appealing to a new homeowner. This list will go out as soon as we have properties available so unlike the wholesale deals it is not scheduled at any set days or times. As soon as a property is ready to sell or rent we send the information to realtors, mortgage brokers, and retail buyers.

The way you market to a cash buyer and the way you market to a homebuyer is completely different. Cash buyers are looking for very specific details in the pictures that show them a ballpark scenario of what the property will need to be repaired. They also focus on the numbers and the return on their investment when looking at the description. So the more direct and short, the better. On the other hand homebuyers and tenants want to see the lifestyle they will be part of if they move in to the property. So they want to see features in the pictures and on the description they are looking for things like what the neighborhood is like, the backyard, the size of the kitchen, and the layout of the home. As you can see when marketing properties to different audiences you need to make sure you show them what they are looking for to create enough mystery to entice them to schedule an appointment to see the property.

Email campaigns are very effective in keeping current clients updated on what’s going on in real estate and how you can help them with their real estate dealings, and attracting new clients to your business. Text and graphic emails can be sent as often as necessary and newsletter emails can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Keep the content fresh and engaging, keep your name in your email lists’ minds, and always include a call-to-action and contact information. Build your subscriber list, send out your email campaigns, and bring in the business.