(Part 2)

Another way of establishing yourself as an authority is to ensure you have an online presence. In today’s electronic age, one of the first things people do after meeting someone is to search online to see what comes up for that person. If you don’t have an online presence, then you won’t show up in the search results and won’t be considered an authority on anything. So not only do you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you need to have a website as well. If people can find you online and you are providing the information and answers that they need, then they will remember your name. And when they remember your name, they think of you as an authority.

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Don’t forget about the best marketing tool you could every want; your business card. Keep a lot on you at all times and hand them out to anyone you talk to who may have interest in what can do for them. Your business card is just another way to boost your authority potential.

The most effective way of becoming a real authority in real estate is to specialize in one or two areas. Trying to be an all-encompassing authority is difficult but if you narrow your expertise down to one two areas, you can focus more effectively and people will remember you more easily. Why not become the recognized authority on rental properties? Or be the expert in wholesales? Or market yourself as the pro that everyone approaches when then have an interest in Section 8. It’s a fact proven time and time again that the narrower your niche and expertise is in an industry, the more demand there is for your knowledge the more you can charge for it.

People really prefer to work with someone they trust and know what they are doing. Even if there are other people who are doing the same thing as you at the same level you are, if your name is the one people know, then you are the one who is going to make the money.