(PART 1)

Become an authority

One thing about becoming successful in real estate through wholesales, rehabs, and rentals is that as you gain more skills and experience in deals, you also gain more trust and respect from those you deal with. And with this trust and respect comes a sense of authority, which is the greater knowledge and knowhow you have over others in your field. And that authority is the combination of that knowledge, your skills, and your success that make people turn to you as the person who has the answers and gives the advice. So the better you are in real estate, the more likely you will be looked upon as an authority in real estate investing.

So, as an authority, you are the person everyone will turn to find out how you did it and how they can do it themselves. You will be the go-to person; the authority in real estate in your area that the media seeks out to ask questions about current issues and to get your opinion and perspective on. You will be the one that everyone looks up to as the person who knows what’s going on right now in real estate and what’s going to happen in the future with real estate in the areas and neighborhoods that you deal in.

Take your local newspaper as an example. A journalist there may be looking to write a story on the local real estate scene or regularly contributes articles on real estate. Don’t let them talk to other investors. Contact them and introduce yourself. If you’ve read some of their work, (and you should be doing that to keep yourself current on what is being put out to the public), compliment them on it, offer your services as a source, and ask if you can send them some information. This lets them know that you should be the one, and the only one, they should contact and interview for their next article or column. Keep the conversation short and sweet so you don’t come across as desperate.

From there you should keep yourself aware of news in the area that could affect the real estate market. Which employers are coming to town to establish new business and hire employees? New jobs means people will eventually be buying bigger houses, or employees coming in from out of town will need places to live. Which ones are downsizing? Unemployed people mean houses coming on the market. You should know everything that is happening in your area that affects house values.

And if you can find out this information before the press does, contact the writers at the papers, the newscasters on local television and radio stations, and offer to update them on these activities and issues. Give them the facts and figures, and give them your personal insight that they can quote in the story.  Eventually you will be known as the local authority to interview for these types of stories. And every time you get your or your company’s name in a news story is free publicity and gets you better-known by the reading public, who will also consider you to be an authority and may approach you for their own real estate needs.