Solid foundation to real estate investing

Wholesaling is the way to not only enter the real estate business but is a proven and effective method for making money in the field. It is a solid foundation to real estate investing in that it has worked for many people for a very long time.

It is the best way for anyone who has no idea about real estate and very little to no money or credit to invest. The wholesaling method allows you to make money in real estate while at the same time learning of the more advanced ways of investing in real estate.

As we have seen, wholesaling gets you started in real estate. You never take possession of property and essentially you just find the deals and be the middleman between the seller and the buyer. Sometimes you may have a buyer who is not interested in doing any repairs on a property. You may then decide to ascend to the next level and do the repairs before you sell to your buyer. This is what we call a rehab. With your next deal you may want to do the repairs but keep the property for yourself to make regular income off of. This is the rental.

So the wholesale begets the rehab begets the rental. Do you see now why the wholesale is a great solid foundation to other aspects of real estate investing? Want to learn how to wholesale properties in your area?