A wholesale deal or real estate flip is one in which the wholesaler finds a good deal on a property from a seller, presents it to a final buyer, and assigns the contract or sells the property to that final buyer. As a real estate wholesaler, you are the middleperson, the negotiator, the go between, the one who brings the deal together for your clients. You are the best deal-finder around in your area. You consistently save them the time, money, and the hassles of getting and negotiating those deals.

Your partnership with sellers gets you the best deals on the properties they want to sell. Your partnership with your lenders gets you the money to secure the properties from your sellers. And your partnership with your buyers gets the houses sold and profit in your pocket. Remember that you make a profit by taking the difference between the contracted price with your seller and the amount paid by your buyer. It is a beautiful business!

Wholesaling is an excellent place to start for those with no knowledge of the real estate business or with little to no money to invest in properties. The simplicity of the process makes it great for beginners. That’s how we started in building our own real estate empire. Think of it as flipping a home but with a shorter time frame and no repairs or renovations to do. You buy the property and market it to your buyer who will do the repairs and renovations themselves then either sell or rent out the property.

One of the benefits of wholesaling is that both closings happen simultaneously, so you never own a property for more than one full day. This alleviates so much time, paperwork, and stress.

If you are a great deal finder and can make the process efficient, then the whole deal can sometimes be done in as little as one day. So really, if you strive to be the best deal-finder around for your sellers and buyers and work very hard at it, you could do a deal a day.

Wholesaling is a great cash flow maker in that you have the potential to make a six figure income on your first year and this means that you are able to save money to make your investments pretty soon. Every deal brings in your profit or fee, and keeps the cash flowing to you.

Another great benefit of wholesaling is that it does not require you to have a real estate license. A real estate license is not required to buy or sell any property that you have an equitable interest in. What that means is that your interest can be a contractual interest (you have the property under contract) or you actually own or have title to the property.

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