You’ve read enough blog posts from our website or read our book CashFlowPreneur. It’s now time for you to get in the game. Before we go any further, you should get yourself a notebook because as you read through this book many questions and ideas are going to pop into your head. Anything that does, make sure to write it down. There might be a concept or idea that you may need to clarify by re-reading that section or chapter. Perhaps you may discover a new WHY or goal that suddenly makes itself known to you. Or you may just want to know more information about something mentioned in the book. You also might just want to take notes down as you read, as quick-study or refresher material. To reach us if you have any questions make sure to join our community on
If you start to feel overwhelmed with information, don’t worry. Simply step back and take a break. Have a tea or coffee and when you are ready, pick up this book again and begin where you left off. Everyone absorbs information at different rates. But remember that you are also constantly learning and sometimes you need to do this in small parts. Take your time and go at your own pace.
You may also have some fear or trepidation in getting into real estate investing. That’s a normal reaction to venturing into something new. We all have a fear or at least a hesitation of doing new things. We don’t know what to expect, or we feel that our desires are not aligned to reality. But you know that your WHY is what motivated you to get into this game. When you have a goal that makes your WHY and your desires a reality, you can overcome your fear and jump into the business with a determination to turn your fear into triumph.
It’s time to take your vision board and your goals and start to make something of them. You are going to use them as you learn what financial freedom means and how you can achieve it for yourself. You are going to enjoy learning the vocabulary used in real estate. You will love learning about relationships and teams. You will become successful and you will realize your goals. People are going to know who you are in the real estate business and will value your knowledge and eventual experience. You may even become a mentor to others who want to get into the real estate business and build their own financial freedom. To learn more on how to invest in real estate, check our our FREE 1hr training at