In preparing to take control of developing a highly successful real estate Cash Flow empire, you need to ask yourself the exact reason or reasons you want to become financially independent and successful in real estate. You need to find out and understand what your WHY is. WHY are you reading this book? WHY are you interested in real estate? WHY do you want to become financially secure? These questions form the basis of your own personal WHY, which is the thing, the motivator, that drives you to reach your goal.

Whether you are a newcomer to the real estate business or have already built some success in it, that personal WHY is going to drive you and motivate you to continue to learn from your mentors and keep feeding yourself as much information as you can find. Your WHY is your goal and you need to understand what your goals actually are. This is the reason why I created my business Cash Flow Properties and our coaching and mentoring program Cash Flow Properties Academy!

To discover your goals you should find a quiet spot to work on determining what your personal WHY is. Get a pen and some paper and write down what you really want and why you really want it. For example, you could write, “Why do I want to make a lot of money in real estate?” Now under that, list the reasons for that why. “Because I don’t want to have to worry about the bills anymore.” “Because I want to have my perfect dream home and dream car.” “Because I want to be able take trips and vacations with my family.” “Because I want to be financially independent in all aspects of my life.”

Another question you could ask yourself might be, “Why do I want to build a successful real estate empire?” Some answers might be, “Because I have a great interest in real estate and feel it is the perfect vehicle for me.” “Because the mentors I’ve found have paved an effective and proven path to my goal.” “Because real estate investing has always proven to be a good way to become financially wealthy and secure.”

You can even go deeper into your personal WHY. “Why am I ready to do this?” “Why is this the right time for me to dive into real estate?” “Because I’m tired of living from pay check to pay check.” “Because I and my family deserve better.” “Because my parents are getting older and I want to be able to take care of them in their old age.”

What you are trying to find here is the real exact reason you want these things for yourself. Look at your question and read over your answers. What you will discover is the motivator that is going to push you towards going after your WHY. This WHY is going to be the one big motivator for you. This motivation will give you the drive and desire to make it happen.

And it really doesn’t matter what your WHY actually is or what it is centered around in your life. Your own personal WHY as to your interest in real estate, reading this book, and learning from our experience, building your real estate empire, is the driving force and motivation to attaining your goals and creating your dreams. So the clearer your WHY is, the more direct your path and motivation will be to those goals and dreams.

So remember, if you have a very clear WHY, you will be motivated to use real estate as your HOW. Real estate will be the vehicle you will drive to getting to your goals. To learn more about our real estate investing program visit www.CashFlowPropertiesAcademy.com/Training