T. Harv Eker does not know us but we know him very well through attending his courses held by New Peaks and Peak Potentials. We’ve learned much from him, such as essential financial education, the business of giving seminars and creating courses, producing podcasts, street-smart negotiating skills, dance between the warrior and the wizard that lives within each of us and to always finish everything that we start and do it with a passion.

Most people have heard of Tony Robbins, the great life coach and motivational speaker. He is another person we have learned so much from. Jim Rohn’s another who taught us how to influence people, and Zig Ziglar taught us sales strategies.

A good friend of ours, William Priddy,  has taught us how to purchase rental properties, use a system to buy up properties that need repairs with hard money loans or creative financing, get them rented, and once the cash flow is there, how to refinance with a  bank loan at a much lower interest rate and build wealth through rental properties. His lessons were so valuable that we still follow them every single day and today we have the privilege to teach others how to do the same.

Another good friend of ours is multimillionaire, real estate investor, media personality, and best-selling author Robert Shemin. He has guided us and helped us start in this business. We’ve bought his course, The 51 Most Costly Mistakes Every Real Estate Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them and his best-selling book, How Come That Idiot’s Rich and I’m Not? We connected with him via Facebook and have met him in person two or three times and he has been giving us some great advice. If you are interested in our mentoring program, visit www.CashFlowPropertiesAcademy.com/Training

David Dweck is a big real estate investor and hard money lender in south Florida. His lessons on creative financing and hard money loans have allowed us to leverage our investments and buy more properties.

We enjoy the results we have today because of all these people. These key motivators in the business are rich, wealthy, and financially free, and you need to be doing exactly what they are doing so you can attain financial freedom of your own.

So any spare time you have, driving in your car, sitting at the doctor’s office and such, should be used to connect to and learn from those types of people. Utilize any audio media that they provide. Instead of listening to music in your car, listen to a CD or audio file about the business you’re interested in doing, or motivational programs that keep you focused on your tasks. Listen to or read courses or seminar materials at lunch, while waiting for clients, or at the doctor’s office. Any spare time you have not doing your business or creating your real estate empire should be used effectively to learn from your mentors.

It’s extremely important that you seek out and find mentors for whatever it is that you are doing in business. You need to model yourself on somebody that knows exactly how to get to the same point in life you want to get to yourself.

Mentors are a crucial part of success and we don’t know where we would be today ourselves if it wasn’t for them. They are a big key factor in any business. You need to stay committed even if you don’t know them personally. You need to find the best and learn from the best. Whatever business you are interested in, find out who the key mentors in your area are and build your relationship with them. Learn from them and apply the same processes and principles they employed. Use their experience, mistakes, and advice to reach your own financial goals.


If you are interested in our mentoring program, visit www.CashFlowPropertiesAcademy.com/Training