In any type of business, you learn the processes and procedures from other people who have gone before you and who have gotten to the same point you want to reach in your business. They have made all the mistakes you would have made and have found all the ways to get around or avoid these mistakes. They have done the hard work for you and have paved the way in a more direct path towards your own goals. These people are what we like to call Mentors.

They are the people you learn from, from the authors of books, the creators of programs and seminars, to the friends and family members whose help, advice, and guidance you trust and rely on. They are your go-to people who you use a resource for building your business and achieving your goals.

You need to use them as a shortcut to your goals and desires and to help you achieve the results you are looking for. They are a source of both information and inspiration that keeps you on a proven path to success. And they come in many guises. Parents can talk about and give advice from their own life experiences, especially in business, and it can be invaluable to you because they are the best people to pass down what they have learned about how to avoid the same mistakes they made. They can teach you how to be polite and kind to people, how to deal with people in business and how to take precious family values and turn them into values you can apply in your business dealings.

Authors of books in the area or industry you want to be successful in provide not only their own experiences in making it in that industry but also provide instructions and resources for you to succeed as well. They can advise you on the tips and tricks they used to get where they are today (that you can use yourself). Many of these books include further resources you can seek out. Others mentors include course creators and seminar presenters. These people provide even more in-depth information and guidance in selected industries or businesses, such as real estate.

For example, our biggest mentor has been Jim Van Dyke who, in our many conversations and talks, told us how to start our business, how to wholesale, and introduced us to key people who have helped us to achieve our success. He still helps us out as we continue to do deals with him and make a lot of money together. We talk on a daily basis about the market, our monthly and yearly goals, and we’d like to thank Jim for all his help and advice.