Born in Colombia but having moved to Miami at the age of 15, we were the products of highly entrepreneurial families. As such, we knew we didn’t want the typical American work-life of a nine-to-five job every day for sixty years, with only the hope of a retirement fund being available to help us survive into our twilight age. We wanted much more than that for ourselves. We wanted to create not only our wealth, but more importantly, a life-long enjoyment of freedom.
Our search for wealth and freedom eventually saw us ending up in the real estate business. Camilo started doing rehabs which led him into wholesales, at which point Michelle came into the business. We made wholesales the brunt of our business, and we have focused on that for the past seven years and have never looked back. We started with no money, no credit, and no experience, but we were totally open to being coached and mentored.
Over time we have done over 800 real estate transactions over the last six years and we won’t be stopping any time soon. Being investors as well, we rehab own multiple rental properties, all of which enable us to be financially free. We went from zero to financially free in less than five years, and we teach others how to do the same thing in the same time frame. To find more information about this visit
Our business now as wholesalers is to help investors find real estate properties below market value so that they can buy, fix, and sell the property, or buy, fix, and rent it out. We own two real estate businesses and have an academy where we teach others how to get their start in real estate and climb the ladder all the way up to financial freedom and ultimate wealth.
We have designed a step-by-step guide to get you from zero to financially free without having to have any experience, good credit, or even money. All you need is the drive and energy to be committed and persistent in reaching your goals. Our Cash Maker program is the introductory course which is composed of ten modules accessible twenty-four/seven through an online portal once you register for the program. Why not take the first step in starting your real estate career and reach your goals of total financial freedom from a steady and firm foundation in real estate investing? To find more information about this visit