Letting the seller know why you want to live in the property they once called home improves your chances of winning a bid.

That’s how I landed the property where Im moving into with my wife in just a couple of months in Buenavista, Florida.

“I wrote a letter to the sellers and said that I wanted to be close to my parents and that their home was so beautiful, so spacious and close to restaurants, shops and our comfort area.

Banks’ letter and offer were submitted in the afternoon and accepted within hours. The sellers had at least three other offers to choose from. The old-fashioned letter is one of the most useful tools for buyers these days.

I always tell my clients: Do the letter. “If the sellers live there, they love the house, and they are more inclined to give it to someone they have more in common with. It’s the human factor.”

If you are not sure what to write the seller, just speak from the heart.

Let them know how important the house is to you, how special it is. Let them know you are going to take good care of it.

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