What is a rental

For our purposes, a rental is a property that you buy, either in pristine condition or having to do a rehab on it, and rent it out for a monthly income to pay off the mortgage if you have one and pocket the rest as profit. The goal is to become deal experts where you find a property under market value, update it and rent it where you are always left with positive cash flow. We particular do not hold any properties unless they can produce positive cash flow.  Rentals provide a constant income from the property and keep your cash flowing. The more rentals you have, the more income you have coming in per month and the more profit you will make per month. This means you have more cash flow and you get closer and closer to financial freedom.

Rentals provide a win-win situation for both the property owner and the tenant. The owner not only gets regular income but has a way of paying for the ownership of the property. The tenant gets a place to live in and feel safe and secure. If the tenant takes care of the property and pays the rent on time every month, and the owner takes care of any issues with the property promptly and without complaint, the possibility of both parties enjoying a long and prosperous relationship is close to being guaranteed.

With several rental properties in your portfolio, you will have the income necessary eventually where you no longer have to worry about your bills, or having to show up to work. You will fill your time up building memories with your loved ones, traveling the world and making a global impact by sharing your prosperity with others.  This is why we strongly believe rentals are the road to wealth and happiness.

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