what is standard inspection period in florida?”
Inspection periods change based on the way you negotiate. It has nothing to do with Florida or another state. The inspection period is very important to wholesale deals because that is our “marketing time”. Usually banks allow 7-10 business days. If there are too many offers on a hot properties I make my offer with only 3 or 5 days because I already have a big buyer’s list and I know I can get rid of a property quick if its a good deal. However, regular sellers or people that are not too experienced, I try to go with 10 to 15 days. I had one deal one time where I had 15 days, I couldnt sell it in that time and instead of releasing it I asked for another 2 weeks. I ended up renegotiating the price to a lower amount and sold it making a nice $6K profit. I was able to do this because it was a regular motivated seller. Banks usually dont allow this.

Lots of success to you!!!