My first step was to set up a permanent e-mail address of my own, not with a free one such as Hotmail, Gmail, or AOL. After a long research, I created which has my name and last name initials to keep it personal and also which is a more corporate. CashFlowFL where FL stands for Florida which is where I specialize in real estate investing, wholesaling and rental properties. Then, I started collecting email addresses from everyone I came in contact with: visitors to open houses, potential clients who make phone inquires, friends, acquaintances, relatives and past clients. I then called everyone in my business database for whom I have no e-mail address, explaining that I was updating my files.

Once I collected all e-mail addresses, I wrote a short, effective e-mail message providing helpful information – neighborhood info, home selling, buying guidelines and home improvement tips.

This is exactly how I started collecting my email database 7 years ago. I haven’t stopped working on this and today I have over 3,500 people that receive our weekly inventory with updated rental investment properties, wholesale deals in South Florida, rehab properties and amazing real estate investment opportunities.

Camilo Palacio

Cash Flow Properties