The sunshine state is now becoming one of the hottest markets in the United States for investors from all over the world looking for amazing Cash Flow Properties. Miami and South Florida has everything any city can hope for. Shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, parks, recreation is just a small part of what Miami has to offer. How about the amazing weather all year long, one of the best and most popular beaches in the world, one of the best night lifestile cities of the world and the amazing mixture of cultures of people from all over the world! I have personally sold investme t properties to investors from South America like Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Brazil. Central and North American investors from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Honduras, Canada and obviously Americans. Europeans, Asians from France, Spain, Germany, Israel, Russia, Grece, India, China and Singapore. I even sold properties to a Moroccan and South African investor and last but not least, an Ausie investor as well. I’ve experienced buyers from all over the world and this only tells me that Miami is known as one of the hottest cities to purchase investment properties in the world!