A couple days before the year ends, I think and reflect on what an amazing year 2015 was. It was full of new relationships, new partnerships, new projects, ideas and a lot of work. It was also a year full of gratitude for being able to love what we do and work with people we love. As I often say, we are not in the housing business, we are in the relationship business. Building relationships is key. When we do a deal, we never forget that on the other side of the phone, email, conference or even fax (yes, I know…), there’s another person trying to make a deal as well. They have a different point of view but the same goal. Make sure everything goes smooth. Today, I want to thank every person involved in our business any way or another. From buyers to sellers, title agents to mortgage brokers, contractors, tenants, property managers, realtors, asset managers, insurance, adjusters, marketing, brokerage team, my business partner, assistant, my dad who also work with us, and last but not least, my wife Michelle Paez.

What a ride 2015 was and the best part is that we expect a bigger success in 2016.

Wish everybody a new year full of joy, love, happiness, success and a lot of real estate deals!

-Camilo Palacio